LEAP Legal Software

Not Just Networks is an IT Partner of LEAP Legal Software, the most popular provider of legal software and legal practice management software to small law firms. As an IT Partner we are accredited by LEAP Legal Software as a reliable provider of technical support services for users of LEAP software.

Our accreditation entitles us to additional technical resources and direct access to the LEAP Client Space so that we can access all online materials on behalf of our clients so we can save you a lot of time by getting information and downloads from the Client Space on your behalf.

We can also help you to reduce the cost of your LEAP Office licences by up to 30% by helping you to meet the technical requirements of the USING LEAP OFFICE PROPERLY program.

Not Just Networks were the first LEAP Legal IT Partner, and have over 100 clients who utilise Leap. We are therefore well placed to offer practical and specialised advice and assistance in relation to Leap or your IT requirements.


LEAP Partner Network


Our strong ties with Leap, and long experience with the company and its products, mean we are able to provide expert assistance in the following:

  • Ensuring LEAP software operates efficiently on your computer systems
  • LEAP data is effectively backed up on a regular schedule
  • LEAP upgrades are trouble-free
  • LEAP system audits are completed in an accurate and timely fashion
  • Remotely support staff of all computer experience levels
  • Provide accurate and detailed advice regarding IT equipment and services so an informed decision can be made
  • Maintain effective communications with Leap and the client to resolve any issue as quickly as possible
  • Migrating from single-user to multi-user Leap installations
  • Disaster recovery plans can be formed, detailed, and implemented to offer total piece of mind.
  • Advice and assistance with Internet service providers, website hosting, e-mail services and spam filtering.

If you use LEAP, or are considering using LEAP, please contact us to make your experience the best it can be.

For more information visit the LEAP Legal Software website.