No two businesses are the same

No two businesses are the same which is why Not Just Networks has developed the full gamut of services which can be tailored to the needs of each IT environment.

Our ongoing maintenance ensures that computers and networks run efficiently and are protected from potential risks.

  • Networks, hardware and software
  • Implementation, maintenance, servicing, repairs
  • Remote monitoring
  • On-site support
  • Help desk
  • LEAP software and support for the legal and conveyancing profession


Not Just Networks has the system architecture and system engineering skills to design and develop a customised solution Рfrom an upgrade of an existing system to the installation of a completely new network with a move to new premises. From 2 to 20 computers we roll out a network which improves performance and can be expanded as the business grows. Our ongoing maintenance program ensures the network is always functioning properly.

We also implement and monitor wi-fi Internet networks – including high speed broadband – at one or several locations.


We source world-best servers, computers, screens, laptops, tablets and storage from our international vendor partners. In some situations we might recommend building a custom computer with parts from our trusted best-of-breed suppliers. We also supply major brand colour printers.


Software is constantly evolving and there are many products to choose from. We remove the confusion by recommending-installing-monitoring the correct software for each business and we make certain that it is always functioning properly. Applications range from the operating system, security and anti-virus to emailing and office applications.

Implementation, maintenance, servicing, repairs

Every step is taken care of by Not Just Networks leaving business owners to focus on their day to day activities. Networks, computers and wi-fi are set up and monitored each day from our office. Ongoing maintenance reduces the incidence of system failure or data loss. Aging computers and equipment are serviced when required to extend their life expectancy and, should an urgent incident arise, we respond with same day call out to any location in the greater Sydney region.

Remote monitoring, on-site support, help desk

We are able to track your network or specific computers each day from our office to ensure they are operating properly, without interrupting work flow. When we detect errors and security issues, or when we receive software upgrades from the vendor, we are able to respond immediately. Some tasks have to be carried out on-site and these are looked after by our mobile technical teams.

The Not Just Networks help desk operates between Monday and Friday providing clients with a quick and convenient way to ask for trouble shooting or operating advice.

LEAP Legal Software

Not Just Networks is an IT Partner of LEAP, the developer of the most popular legal practice management software tool in Australia. With our reputation as an accredited provider of technical support and advice we are assisting more than 70 Sydney law firms. We implement the application, make sure it is operating efficiently and that data is being backed up, create disaster recovery plans, provide trouble free upgrades and conduct system audits.

We have direct access to the Leap Client Space meaning that we can source a range of online materials on behalf of our clients, and we provide them with the convenience of remote support services.